Designer challenge – please place your vote

Thank you to everyone who has voted for their favourite piece of jewellery in the 4th jewellery making challenge. I can tell you that Mhhadfield is currently winning and I will be announcing the results on Sunday.

For anyone who hasn’t yet voted, please, please, please do. Here is the link

We love it when we get lots of feedback and responses. Comments are very welcome too. I have just sold an apple tree pendant so I am very happy today (despite being thoroughly trounced in this contest so far). Sadly I forgot to post a picture of it.Β  I’ve also sold the woodland harmony necklace and that is really nice as I know the lady who bought this one, and it is also a favourite piece.

Woodland Harmorny cu

It is great fun watching the results change (- quick question, do you ever check back? Would you like to see the results as they happen? I’m wondering whether to show the results as we go).

I’ll finish with a splash of the challenge pictures to encourage any final voters.

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7 Responses to Designer challenge – please place your vote

  1. I have voted. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  2. restlessjo says:

    Too late to vote but interested to see the result πŸ™‚

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