This  is my first attempt at making a tiara. It’s for my niece whose birthday is coming up.

It was quicker to make than I expected and was really fun. I’ll probably try for symmetry a bit more with my next attempt but all in all I’m pleased.

  Tiara 2

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18 Responses to Tiara

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is beautiful, and a great for a first go. You should make more 🙂

  2. Terry says:

    that’s adorable. i would think little girls would love to have this

  3. A very professional first attempt. Love it. Xx

  4. A lovely delicate tiara. Beautiful. I hope your niece enjoys wearing it!

  5. That is beautiful, well done! I made a tiara for my wedding and was surprised at how easy it was to make in the end. In fact, I was very proud of it, and now keep it tucked away in a box in my wardrobe until the next special occasion…

    • e1aine says:

      That is wonderful. I do seem to remember that you commented that you made your own tiara for your wedding and remember thinking ‘Wow, that must be hard!’ As you say, not as difficult as it looks, but yours was spectacular (I had a nosy with a close up when you posted a wedding picture).

      I shall make more and hope they come out well.

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